Name: Boxer Sagiv
Date of Birth: 7th February 1978
Place of Residence: Israel
email: darksoho@hotmail.com
Hobbies: chilling out, having sex
Other things I do but music: reiki healing

Musical background:
start playing guitar when i was 12, had around 4 rock bands b4 entering electronic music, basiclly thats what i love to do & i will do it as long as i can

Food : everything
Drink: whiskey & coca-cola
Movie: Silence of the Lambs
TV- program: south park, national geographic

Band: Can't really say .. there are lods of them that i like ,
music is part of my life and each period i change my tast of music. I like everythgni basiclly from hip hop to classical all depends on the mood.
Season: Spring - not too hot not too cold... can go to the beatch & stay without sunburns
Our best gig: London - alchemy party oct2004,
Best gig have seen: Sting, Michael Jackson
Worst night mare: Getting burned to death like the witches in the midevil ages
Place u like to go: Caribians & China

Life Philosophy:
smille all the time.... every day u r sad will not come back again better think twise befor u stay sad & ruin another day
cause life is short


dark soho are Boxer & Rizo
email darksoho@hotmail.com
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