2005-02-07 - Forum now avalible

Yes as promised the dark soho site is developing for your convenience. a new dark soho forum is now avalible for you guys to enjoy, ,ask questions, share experiences & more.
sign up now

More to come sooooooon

2005-01-10 - New year on its way

Hi gang here we r in 2005 updates: Party list updated, photos from the party in sweden check it out. That's all for now.. more to come soon

2005-01-02 - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005 !!!

Dark Soho wishes you guys a Happy New Year !!

This year we will have many surprizes, new music, new gigs, new Dark Soho Live! BETTER THAN EVER!!

2004-11-24 - Album is out now

Finally after a long wait the new album is out! :) you can get it on the shops,
more gigs coming up next. Soon on the site: Dark Soho forum will be up  next month or so & more surprizes as usual ;)

2004-11-08 - Soooooooon

The new album will be out on the 22nd of nov (sorry for the delaylaylaylaylay)
More to come: new on the site - Winamp skins of your favorite band Dark soho soooon on ONLY!
2004-11-01 - Yeahhhaaa

So gand as i promised new pics from the party in london which was 1 of the best for the year are avalible now on.
 New top 10 from DJ boxer after a long time The new album cover is there as well in the music section

2004-10-23 - Album promo

the album will be finally released around the second week of November. sorry for the delay ;) dark soho will perform on the radio "galgalatz" in Israel at friday night the 22nd of october

dark soho are Boxer & Rizo
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